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Adorable Cat Playing Cards

Adorable Cat Playing Cards

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We've specially designed these premium cards to feature cute cats transformed and combined with other objects! They come from a world where everywhere you look there are cats in everything! Play games and have fun with these unique cats!

Use this card deck like any other as it contains 52 cards and 2 jokers. Have a special game in mind that needs categories of colors? Our deck is also divided into 4 color categories: blue, red, green, and yellow. The card finish balances between protecting the cards against scratches, having minimal light reflection off the cards, and the smoothness needed for enhanced playability.

.: Material: Professional standard card stock with blue core (FSC-certified)
.: Finish: Balanced playing card finish
.: Size: 63 x 88mm (Poker Size)
.: Full Color
.: 54 Cards (52 Standard with 2 Jokers)

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